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Live band - drums, guitar, keyboard and violin.
Informal worship with a cup of coffee or tea.


Cafe Church

Some of the reasons for having Cafe Church that have been received from both congregation and the Mission & Outreach Committee

·         Cafe Church allows opportunities to experiment with different types of worship

·         It allows greater involvement in worship for fellowship groups and the congregation

·         It encourages the regular participation of a band which is growing in numbers, confidence and expertise

·         In its informality it widens the range of the type of worship available to the Zion congregation

·         The church needs to be ‘open’ to all and some people are more comfortable with the cafe church style of worship.  If it were to stop we would be disregarding their needs.  Some people may stop attending church altogether and it will become more difficult to attract other

·         Cafe church can provide follow up from the service

·         there are discussion groups/interactive tasks

·         there is the issue of serving coffee in the church but stations could be made available in the sanctuary – coffee machines/thermal flasks

·         informality for baptismal parties

·         use of social media for publicity

·         Service with a live band

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