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Community Service Plan


Please help us to provide the services that the Community needs.


Zion Methodist Church is at present reviewing the way that it serves the community around the church. The church is keen to tailor the services it provides to the real needs of the community. So far, it has looked at the type of area it serves and also the services that the Church has provided up to now. Before the church makes decisions on future service provision, it needs to see what the people of the area think.

So we would be very grateful if you would tell us your thoughts.


  What area does the church serve?

Simply, Zion Church serves whoever comes; but for now we are looking at the residential areas around Brothertoft Road/Carlton Road (south), Woodville Road and Sleaford Road.


What have we found out about the needs of the area?

The findings of the 2011 census show big differences between different parts of the area. For instance, the Brothertoft Road area has a particularly young average age, with a high proportion of private rented housing and east European residents. The number of lone parent families is also above average for Boston. So does this part of the area needs extra child care provision and possibly specific advice services for people from eastern Europe?

 By contrast, the Woodville Road area has a high proportion of  people over 60 years of age, with some housing provided specifically for the elderly. It also has a high number of people living alone, single parents with dependent children and widowed people. Would this part of the area also benefit from more services for young families, but also from social provision for the elderly?

   The Sleaford Road area has recently had a lot of house building and has a high proportion of private home ownership. It also has the highest average age, and number of widowed people in the area. So here again, is a mixture of services for the young and elderly required?


What community services are provided at Zion Church now?

Zion Church provides services to the community in 2 ways:

  1.      activities and events organised by church groups
  2.      by letting rooms for individuals or groups to organise their own activities

At present, Church groups organise (open to all):

        Cameo - Weekly social event with conversation, tea/coffee and games on Friday afternoons
         Drop-in -  A weekly coffee morning on Thursdays.
         Meet and Eat  -  A monthly dining club,
         Sports – badminton and short mat bowls
         Occasional events – eg for children during school holidays

Outside groups provide activities such as:

  1. Scouts, Guides etc,
  2. Zumba classes
  3. a craft group
  4. a support group for people with eyesight problems.

Consultation questions



Which of the community services currently provided at Zion Church were you aware of?


Which of these services do you use and/or value?


What other services would you like to see provided at Zion church either directly by the church, or by another agency?


Would you like to use one of our 3 meeting rooms or church hall (all with WiFi) for your own activity or event(s)? If so, please give contact details.


Are there any further comments that you would like to make?

Please email zionmethodistchurch@live.co.uk

with your answers and thoughts.


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