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RoadHoG update April 2020


Tony’s Thoughts – Tony Coe, Schools Worker

“As I write this, the thought of going out for a drive in the roadHoG bus seems a freedom in my long distant memory. However, in March I completed my last day at Haven High Academy the day before the announcement came about schools closing. We praise God that we were able to share with 300 year 7 pupils why Jesus died on the cross and how Christians celebrate His resurrection at Easter. Some of the questions that came from sharing that Jesus did this because we needed it and because He thought we are worth it, were quite amazing and humbling. This was in the midst of the build up to the schools closing. I was really impressed with the welcome and dedication of the staff there, and being really nervous about going in, I was relieved to meet a Christian member of staff.


I have also enjoyed new school visits at St Georges and St Mary’s Swineshead. The House of God on the road is about people and about meeting young people, although in this time of keeping our distance let’s continue to pray for young people at home. Most will be happy, but let’s pray for those for who being at home will be a struggle for whatever reason”


The bus may be off the road, but the prayers continue! Please join us in prayer

RoadHoG News: October 2019

There is a copy of the latest newsletter on the noticeboard in the foyer and it is available online at: www.roadhogbus.org.uk.

Prayer pointers this month:

  We give thanks for the large number of young people returning to the Bus after the Summer break and for the generous donations and volunteers that keep it going

  We pray for God’s blessing on plans for a Stop in Swineshead Village and for possible new opportunities in other villages such as Pinchbeck.




RoadHoG News: September 2019

See the noticeboard in the coffee lounge or online for the latest newsletter from RoadHoG: www.roadhogbus.org.uk


The bus has passed its MOT! Thanks to John and Ben for all their hard work in getting it ready. Thanks also to those who have cleaned the Bus ready for the Autumn.

Please continue to pray for the young people, that this year we will again have the opportunity to show them God’s love in action.


Please also pray for the Baptist Church and St Mary’s Church who are considering whether it is the Lord’s will that the Bus should be working there.

Friday 4 October from 7pm !0 year celebration of RoadHoG at Holy Trinity Church


RoadHoG news: July/August 2019


  During its 10 years on the road so far, the Bus has hosted well over 34,000 young people! Praise the Lord!!!

  Please pray for the teams and young people as they enjoy a summer break and for those considering hosting the Bus in future – All Saints Church in Moulton, Swineshead and Pinchbeck

  Saturday 27 July, 2pm: BBQ at Fishtoft Playing Field

  Friday 6 September, 7pm: prayers at Centenary

  Sunday 8 September: Surfleet Summer Fete & Dog Show – please pray

  Friday 4 October, 7pm: 10th birthday celebrations at Holy Trinity

RoadHoG News: March 2019

See noticeboard in the coffee lounge or online for the latest newsletter: www.roadhogbus.org.uk


Find out more about:

  Bishop David’s visit to the Tunnard Street Stop on 13 February

  The opening of the new Stop at Boston Baptist Church on 12 March at 7pm

  The “Commissioning Service” for the new Stop at Boston Baptist Church on Sunday 7 April at 10.30am – please do come along

  The next RoadHoG Prayer Meeting on Friday 10 May, 7-8pm at Zion – remember, this Bus runs on prayer (and diesel!)


Please pray for:

  The new Stop in the car park of Boston Baptist Church, High Street, Boston. Please pray as the new Stop is advertised in the local community and pray that young people will come on 12 and 26 March to the Bus

  Pray for the new team from Boston Baptist Church, that God will enable and encourage them

  Pray for a Stop near you (Woad Farm; Fishtoft; Kirton; Sibsey; Butterwick; Boston High Street; Tunnard Street) – for the team, the young people who come on board and for every part of the visit

  Pray for Tony as he visits schools with the Bus, taking assemblies, RE and Citizenship lessons

  Praise God for the way He provides for our financial needs, and pray for all needed funding for the current year

RoadHoG News  (February 2019)

See noticeboard and online http://roadhogbus.org.uk/ for the latest newsletter. This month it includes an interview with Christine Senior, a member of the Fishtoft team, explaining in her own words why she braves the elements twice a month to serve God in this way.


The next prayer meeting will be on Friday 10 May, 7-8pm, at Zion.


  Please pray for Kev and John, LYM Directors, as they support the God Pod, another mobile youth ministry based in Lincoln.

  Give thanks for the new team members and those waiting for training

  Give thanks that in October, RoadHoG will celebrate 10 years on the road. Pray for wisdom as to how best to mark this special occasion.

  Pray for the new team at Boston Baptist Church as they prepare to begin on 12 March and as they publicise the stop to the local community.

RoadHoG News  (October 2018)

See noticeboard in the coffee lounge or online at http://roadhogbus.org.uk/news/


Update from Tony Coe:

“Since February 2018, we have been working with 485 year 6 and 7 pupils. We have worked in Park Academy, Haven High Academy, Fishtoft Academy, Tower Road Academy, Butterwick Primary School and St Nichola Primary School.”


The lessons that Tony has put together have included “The Journey of RoadHoG and personal journeys of faith”, “The Journey of St Francis”, “Community”, “Transition from year 6 to 7” and also “Summer Safety”.


We praise God for each one of those 485 contacts with school children in our area and pray that they will ultimately find their own faith in Jesus Christ over the coming days, months or years.  See 'Prayers' page

RoadHoG (newsletter July and August 2018)

Thank you for your prayers in June for the visits to Pinchbeck and Gosberton. Lots of new contacts were made and it attracted much interest, including new prayer supporters.


Update from Tony Coe:

It has been a productive last three months. I have led 12 lessons during these months. I have made good contact with Park Academy and the Haven High Academy. My biggest encouragement over these months was seeing Haven High School really keen for us to visit.


I am pleased that we have made contact and demonstrated our capability to 5 primary schools, allowing contact with some 250 children… am also pleased that we have doors open at William Lovell C of E Academy, Haven High Academy and Boston High School. Please pray for wisdom as to the possible ways we might move forward, particularly with a limited part-time role.


Please pray:

  That the bus will pass its MOT

  For all those cleaning, maintaining and improving the bus over the summer break

  For Tony, for wisdom concerning the development of the work with schools

  Give thanks for the way that God has provided financially and pray this might continue

  Give thanks for good conversations on the bus

  Pray for all the young people who have visited the bus this year, that what they have seen and heard on the bus would have a lasting impact


Boston Food Bank: Update (September 2017)

Believe it or not Boston Food Bank has now been up and running for 4 and a half years and during all that time Zion Methodist Church has been one of the churches at the forefront of financial, practical and prayerful support for us. As you probably know throughout that time we have often seen a rise and fall in the number of people coming to us for food support with busy but also quieter periods. However, it has been noticeable lately that although we have had those quieter periods it seems that we are now hitting really high figures with the number of people who are being referred to us. In fact, for the first time since we opened, we are now finding that the input of food donations is not keeping up with the amount of food being given out and we are now regularly having to eat into our finances to enable us to build up our stocks to keep up with the quantity of food parcels going. Hence you can see how important your support for us has been over the years we have been running and how grateful we are for your assistance and help. So, from all of us at Boston (and Sutterton) Food Banks, a quick thank you for all your support.                                               

Ian Evans, Boston Food Bank Project Manager




RoadHoG news (December 2016)

Numbers continue to be low, apart from Kirton which is very busy. However, we are starting to see the same young people coming back which is encouraging. Give thanks with us for the 100 young people who have come on board in October and November, but please pray for more. The advert for the new missioner will be published in January. Please note that roadHoG will be off the road for the Christmas break from 19 December to 4 January. See the newsletter in the coffee lounge or on the website (www.roadhogbus.org.uk) for more details.


For the 100 young people who have come on board.

For the faithful service of all the volunteers.

For the reliability of the bus through the autumn.

For those young people who have felt confident enough to ask for prayer.

For all the work that the Local Management Group and LYM do behind the scenes to keep the ministry on the road.

For the prayer and financial support of local churches and Christians.


That more young people come on board at all stops, and especially at Fishtoft.

That the bus would continue to be reliable through the winter months.

For safety for the bus, and for Pete driving, through the winter.

For more volunteers to come forward.

For the advertisements being placed for the new missioner.

For rest and refreshment for all involved over the Christmas break.

That the financial cost of the ministry would be fully covered.

For the need for more volunteer drivers.

For wisdom for those churches considering having a roadHoG stop near them.





CTiB prayer meetings – what next? (September 3rd 2016)


Consolidation and unity

More opportunity for worship

A need to support loneliness


That’s what came out as a starting point from the three prayer meetings that were held in March, April and May. The first held at New Life Community Church. Then Centenary in April and finally in May at the Danny Flear Centre, Freiston.


Several thoughts and ideas were discussed. One member had a picture so clear of water bubbling up and spreading around. It was felt a sign to confirm the work that was being done was really going well and we should feel confident in the knowledge that God is with us. We need to support and encourage one another, to get to know each other better and to worship God together.


We should find ways to worship together more throughout the year, as well as our witness on Good Friday. The God we know has always existed and he opened his circle for us to share and we can do the same. We are part of many circles and should always welcome new ones joining us and making them bigger and bigger. We are all different but are reaching out for the same thing.


There is a fearfulness and loneliness from being isolated from other Christians whether it being from small communities or locations so to get together will give us strength and support. Can we use social media to reach the young people? We need to look for new ways.


We need the Holy Spirit to lead us. Please continue to pray.



Healing on the Street (September 3rd 2016)


We believe that Jesus Christ came to bring healing, in its fullest sense, to people – just like you – because God truly loves everyone. Healing may be physical, emotional or spiritual. No-one can guarantee miracles, but we do believe that God still heals people today. He still hears and answers sincere prayer, according to His wisdom and love – sometimes in remarkable ways.


We are opposite BOOTS from 10am to 12 noon on Saturday mornings. If you have a need, come and tell us about it; and we will pray for you. No gimmicks, nothing ‘spooky’, no ‘magic’ – just Christian love in Jesus’ Name. This is confidential and free. God’s gifts are free. We do not accept gifts.


Most of the churches (all denominations) in the Boston area are represented in Churches Together in Boston (CTiB). The organisation exists to help encourage and coordinate the work of local mission and to bless the people of our town and location. In addition to Healing on the Street, other local ministries partnered with CTiB include; Street Pastors, Road HoG Bus, Centrepoint Outreach, Emergency Night Shelter, Christians Against Poverty (CAP), the Soup Kitchen and Food Banks and the Easter Walk of Witness.

For more information about CTiB see our





RoadHoG August Information Special


We are taking this opportunity to tell you about two vital areas of the RoadHoG ministry.


1) Training - calling all current and prospective bus team members! Four training sessions will take place at Fydell House on Tuesday 6, 13 and 20 September in the evening (6-9pm) and Wednesday 14 September in the afternoon (2-5pm). All existing team members must attend this refresher training and bring their current DBS with them for checking. Training for new team members and anyone interested in joining will take place on Saturday 3 September from 9am to 5pm at Fydell House. Again, you will need to bring your DBS if you have one. If you wish to join the team, we do need a letter of recommendation from your church leader. Please book a place for any of these training sessions with Keith Beaumont on 01205 750703 or email kbmanagement@btinternet.com


2) Finance – We are so grateful to God and His people for the provision of the finance needed to run this ministry for over 6years. However, as some of you will be aware, the funding from central funds such as the diocese has reduced and, as a result, there has been a drop in overall giving. RoadHoG is therefore facing a shortfall of around £11,000 for this year which works out at around £1200 per stop. We are actively seeking other sources of funding such as grants. Please stand with us in prayer concerning this. If you would like more information concerning giving, all details can be found on the website: www.roadhogbus.org.uk


Prayers for RoadHogNews from RoadHoG - April 2nd


RoadHoG would like to say "Thankyou!" to all who support the ministry, whether through volunteering on the bus, through prayer, through giving or in any other way. We are holding a BBQ on the river bank in Langrick on the evening of 18 June. Please put the date in your diary. We are pleased to welcome Tom Vamplew to the Steering Group and thank him for the work he has already undertaken to increase the presence of roadHoG on Facebook and Twitter. Praise God that the bus is generally running well at present. Pray for a funding application which is currently underway; for school visits due to resume shortly; and for the completion of driver and safeguarding training.



RoadHoG update - January 2016


We praise God for an award from the Lincolnshire Community Fund of a grant of £5000. roadHoG was privileged to be able to support the relief effort in York following the recent flooding. If you have ever wondered what happens when the roadHoG bus pulls up for a visit, then read 'Stop in the life of a team member' on the latest news and prayerletter to find out more.


RoadHoG - update October 2015


RoadHoG is thanking God for the more than 4085 visits made to the bus by young people this year. We continue to pray for them, and that they will go on asking searching questions and finding answers. The inside of the bus is being refurbished to include EVANGECUBE stickers, new games consoles and carpeting. We are hoping to re-design and refurbish the kitchen area. Please pray for the completion of team training, funding applications and the development of the schools ministry.





RoadHoG – update July 2015

Praise God for the many young people who come on board, despite continued problems with breakdowns. Training is underway for new team members. We are looking forward to moving to much more suitable storage premises where it will be much easier to maintain and repair the bus. The interior is due to be refurbished this summer. Please pray for the development of secondary school work this autumn and for ongoing funding needs. Above all pray that the bus will be seen more and more as 'church', rather than just 'youth club' by the young people who come on board.






Healing-on-the-Street (January 2015)

This is an outreach ministry of Churches Together in Boston (CTIB) – like Street Pastors, the Emergency Night Shelter, RoadHoG and Soup Van.

Where: We are available just outside Boots with our Banner and a couple of chairs

When: Most Saturday mornings between 10am and 11.30am

What do we do: We are available to pray and minister Jesus’ love to anyone who expresses a need

Who: A trained Ministry team – 14 in total; supported by Prayer-Backers

What can you do: Pray for this Outreach ministry

Consider joining the Team or Prayer Supporters

Find out more from your Minister or CTIB website: www.churchestogetherinboston.org.uk



Emergency Night Shelter (January 2015)

CTIB opens an Emergency Night Shelter at Centenary Church when the temperature drops to zero or below for three consecutive nights. We welcome all homeless but have a strict policy of no drugs, alcohol or abusive behaviour.

The doors open 10pm – 10.30pm with a welcome hot drink and soup. Each caller is given a laundry bag containing a duvet, pillow and blanket which they name and use every night they call. The accommodation is dormitory style separating men from women, although the vast majority of homeless are men. Lights out at 11pm and we wake them at 7am, encouraging all to have a drink, fill any flasks, after which our guests leave at 8am. Some request an earlier call if they are being picked up for work.

The service is generally appreciated by those with no roof above their heads and it humbles the volunteers who thank God they have a warm bed at home.

If you have a heart for the homeless and can spare a few nights during winter between 10pm and 8am, please contact Mike Jessop: mike.jessop12@btinternet.com


RoadHoG Update 


(October 4th 2014)

As Tony Coe’s ministry with RoadHog draws to its end this Church, together with all Christians Together in Boston thank Tony for the great work he has done with the bus mission. In turn Tony wants to give a big thank you to all who have been involved in volunteering for the various jobs, giving financially and hosting, praying and supporting the project over the past five years. In his letter to the volunteers and supporters Tony says that he has loved every minute of it. The Lincolnshire Youth Mission who manage the project have appointed Alan King as the next Missioner. Alan worships with his wife at New Life, Kirton and comes with a wealth of experience with both young people and mechanics and Tony is convinced that he will support the project confidently and wholeheartedly.


As a further announcement the bus now has a new engine so is no longer leaving a trail of oil behind in its wake, so the arrival of the bus will be a far more pleasant and healthier experience. The steering Committee, representing the local partner Churches, has decided to change the plans for the remainder of the bus refurbishment. This will mean shorter periods off the road and greater continuity of service. Under Alan’s leadership the bus will continue through to the usual Christmas break and will then be off road for the whole of January to have a new roof and upstairs windows fitted.

The second phase will take the bus off the road for a shorter time to complete the rest of the refurbishment. This means that our local mission at Tunnard Street Car Park will run with shorter interruptions and it gives time for more funding to be secured to cover the costs. Alan will be shadowing Tony from 8 October giving plenty of time for the volunteers to get to meet him before Tony leaves the project at the end of October. This is all good news for Boston and the surrounding villages.






Latest news from RoadHoG


RoadHoG welcomed on board 218 young people in May, and prayed with 11. Pray for increased opportunities to listen to, and pray for, young people who need our support.

The project owners LYM have made significant steps towards securing the future of the charity. Pray for the right people to replace directors who are standing down.

The advert for a replacement for Tony Coe is going out. Pray that God would be putting on the heart of the right person a desire to meet the challenges of the project.

Pray for more volunteers, for those who are currently being trained, and for the Tunnard Street visit which continues to be slow.

Pray for roadHoG day on 13 July, as we celebrate 5 years of ministry, and ask God to provide the £15,000 needed for refurbishment ready for the next 5.




Latest news from RoadHoG

(May 2014)

In March we welcomed on board 433 young people and prayed with 19 of them. We also gave out 90 Easter gifts to young people, explaining about Good Friday.


We urgently need prayer for the following:

  • the use of the prayer room on the bus;
  • the necessary finances for the ongoing needs and continuation of the project;
  • the project owners LYM (Lincolnshire Youth Mission) - it's future structure, and the continuation of the project.

We are also in urgent need of more volunteers for the visits to Wrangle, Fishtoft, Wyberton and Friskney. We thank God for His provision and blessing over the past 4 and 1/2 years, and pray for His wisdom and clear leading for the future.




Latest news from RoadHoG

(February 2014)

The milder winter has seen a small increase in the number of young people out and about. 100 young people received 'Bags of Hope' over the Christmas period, and there were 468 visits to the bus in November and December.

Tony Coe, our youth missioner, reflects in the latest newsletter, on how the work has developed over the last 4 1/2 years, and on the necessary changes as his time with RoadHoG draws to a close.

New teams are starting this week in Butterwick and in the Tunnard Street area of Boston.

A RoadHoG gift day is planned for 13 July, to help the raise the necessary funds for a major refurbishment of the bus.

Please pray for all of this, and for LYM as they begin the process of seeking a new Youth Missioner to lead the project for the next 5 years.







(October 2013)

We are pleased to report that partner churches have confirmed that they would like the RoadHoG project to continue beyond 2014, and to support it financially.

Also Lincolnshire Youth Mission (LYM), the project owners, have confirmed that they too would like to continue to support the project.

Please pray:

· For wisdom and enthusiasm for LYM Directors and for the local Steering Group

· For the right person to continue the project beyond 2014

· For Jesus to remain at the centre of all we do

Volunteers are still needed for the planned RoadHoG at Tunnard Street car park so please speak to John H if you would like more information.







RoadHoG and the future – summary news

(July 2013) 


The positive response from church leaders makes clear that the project should continue beyond 2014.

Bus visits:

- We are praying that a good initial visit to Kirton Middlecott will result in regular support of young people there

- New teams for Butterwick and Tunnard Street are in the process of being trained

- Visits to Carrington Steam Rally and the Lincolnshire Show were very successful

- We welcomed on board 388 young people in June (plus 970 over the two days of the Lincolnshire Show)

Help with routine maintenance is needed over the summer

Please continue to pray for the family of Sylvia Griffin, bus deputy at Friskney, who died suddenly in June







Latest news from RoadHoG

(May 2013)

278 young people were welcomed on board in April, and we prayed with 10. Training has just begun with the aim of creating two new teams for St Andrew's Church, with the Coastal Cluster, in Butterwick, and for Boston Centre Churches. Our meeting on 29 th April with church leaders was an opportunity to celebrate all that has been achieved and to look to the future, as we seek to move the project on beyond October 2014, which marks the end of the initial 5 years.




Update on Boston Food Bank

April 2013

Ian Evans, Project Manager

Can I start off by thanking you all for your prayerful and practical support not least in your generous and ongoing contributions of food. The Food Bank has now been up and running officially for just over two months although we have been running unofficially since before Christmas. Numbers of clients referred to us by the various supporting agencies in the town have been steadily increasing over these weeks culmination in some very busy two weeks. We have a very supportive and enthusiastic group of volunteers which makes the task of running the Food Bank so much easier. Please feel free to come in and join us for a tea or coffee on the two days that we meet each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12 noon and 2pm at St. Christopher’s Church Centre in Fenside Road. Thanks again for your support in setting up and keeping this project going.





UK Foodbanks (Feb 8th 2013)

13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK. Every day people in the UK go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in the UK. In 2011-12 foodbanks fed 128,687 people nationwide, in 2012-13 we anticipate this number will rise to over 230,000. Rising costs of food and fuel combined with static income, high unemployment and changes to benefits are causing more and more people to come to foodbanks for help. The Trussell Trust partners with churches and communities to open new foodbanks nationwide.

Please help local people in crisis by buying items from the list below and giving them to Boston Foodbank’s collection points outside the supermarket. Thank you!

« Sugar (500g)

« Long Life Milk (UHT)

« Fruit Juice (carton) (Long Life)

« Squashes

« Cereals

« Rice/Pasta

« Pasta Sauces

« Tea bags/instant coffee

« Soup/Tinned

« Baked Beans

« Spaghetti/Tinned

« Tinned Potatoes

« Tomatoes or vegetables (Tinned)

« Tinned fish

« Tinned meat

« Sponge pudding (Tinned)

« Rice pudding (Tinned)

« Tinned Fruit

« Biscuits or Snack Bars

« Jam





Part of the work of Churches Together, St Christopher’s Church Centre Fenside and Fenside Community Centre. Contact Ian Evans – 01205 367400 – 07743686999

Boston Street Pastors (Jan 18th 2013)
Every Friday and Saturday night a team of four or five volunteer Street Pastors are out patrolling the town offering assistance and Christian care for anyone who needs it. Rain, moonshine, frost or wind: whatever the weather they will be around in the town centre between 10.30pm and often 3.00 in the morning. The police and the pub and club doormen are appreciative of the Street Pastors because of the calming and supportive assistance that is given. The Street pastors themselves are supported by the Prayer Pastors who remain at base but in immediate contact by mobile phone. Churches Together in Boston work together to provide people who wish to undergo training for this work. A large number of the pastors actually come from Zion and include John H, Steven C, Stewart M, Ros S, Ian H, Neil Vickers and Mike Jessop the overall co-ordinator. Mary H, Mary N, Gill W, Stuart B, Robin W, and Phil N are all prayer pastors, however, more prayer pastors are needed and no special training is needed for this. A new group of Street Pastors have now completed their training and they include Elle and Colin and John W. They will be commissioned next Friday evening 25 January at a Service in Centenary Church and everybody is welcome. Please include our Street Pastors in your prayers.
More CTiB News (Jan 18th 2013)
Prayer supporters are needed for the Healing service on 26th January.
CTiB are looking for teams of two to pray for those who come forward; these teams will need to be at Centenary by 6pm to prepare for the service; please email pickw3ll@aol.com to volunteer.
Mission week 
Holy week (24-31st March) The team from Trinity Bristol will be arriving and looking for hospitality. Several churches have got involved and will be working with the team (10 Ordinands) in various activities. If you would like to get involved too contact Revd Andrew Higginson to know more; email: andrewj.higginson@btopenworld.com.







November 2012



The CTiB AGM was held last week and here are some of the highlights:

  • Christian Aid had a fantastic year and raised £8,154!
  • We will be looking for new people to join the committee next year so please spend some time thinking about it and praying about it
  • Updates were given on the 4 main projects in the town - RoadHog, Soup Kitchen, Emergency Night Shelter and Street Pastors there is a definite NEED in the community and more volunteers are needed to reach out anyone who is interested to help with one of the projects or bring forward ideas, please speak to one of the stewards.
  • We are hoping to start a Food Bank at the end of January but more volunteers are needed. This will be for the town and not only Fenside as publicised in the recent local papers.
  • If you would like to donate to any of the projects please donate to CTiB rather than individual projects so that the money can be used where it is most needed. Our grateful thanks to the many contributions that are donated all year. Not only money but bags, cups and food for the soup kitchen and many other things.
  • We are looking for volunteers to visit nursing homes for an hour or so a week. The staff don't have time to listen and chat so a visitor would really help the residents to keep interested in the life around them.
  • Prayer Ministry on the Streets - The aim is for 3 or 4 people to go into the town and set up an area with seats, a banner to show what it is about, and anyone that comes to them will be given prayer for whatever they ask.
  • Betel - helping alcoholic/drug addicts - a meeting will be held in the new year to hear more.
  • Carol singing at ASDA - CTiB have been asked to go and sing so volunteers needed. More details to come.



RoadHoG Update

(November 2012)

September was the first month of roadHoG running independently without the support of the LYM Youth Missioner. Praise God that all but one of the routes and the schools ministry, ran normally.

Praise God for well over £1000 raised by ‘Running for the Bus’.

222 young people welcomed on board in October, with 23 prayed for.

Praise God for the 91% of funding received for this financial year.

5 new team members, bringing the number of volunteers up to 71.

Pray for us – pick up a prayerletter today from the coffee lounge.

Project contact: www.roadhogbus.org.uk and tony@roadhogbus.org.uk

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